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Keyword Research

Keyword Overview

Enhance your digital marketing strategy by identifying top-performing keywords. Our state-of-the-art tools evaluate the value of any keyword for organic and advertising purposes, based on factors such as search volume, user intent, difficulty, number of results and cost-per-click.

Organic Research

Identify and target your competitors’ most lucrative keywords to improve your ranking. Optimise your own organic keywords and explore strategies for attracting your desired audience.

Position Tracking

Monitor your website’s positions on Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) and track changes over time. Keep an eye on important search terms for your business and your organic competitors.

Backlink Strategy

Easily uncover new opportunities for backlinks to your website by analysing your competitors’ links. We can even identify their most recently gained or lost links to get the insights you need to drive traffic and conversions.

SEO Strategy

Website Audit

Quickly analyse and improve your website with our high-speed crawler and actionable solutions. Customise your crawling settings and run comprehensive on-page and technical SEO checks to identify and fix any issues.

On-page SEO Advisory

Boost the ranking of specific pages on your website with a comprehensive list of optimisation ideas. Get expert advice on tactics such as link building, content creation, targeting SERP features, and more.

Marketing Strategy

Market Explorer

Determine your market position. Our eye-opening analytics reports can help you understand market size and potential, identify key players, and analyse their online market share and traffic generation strategies.

Traffic analytics

Compare the online performance and trends of market players. Gain insights into your target market’s demand and interests, geographic distribution, and traffic journey to optimise your communication and media strategies.

Find your perfect Keywords

We have an extensive keyword database available, helping you to discover niche topics, identify long-tail keywords related to your topic, and create a list of keywords for a pay-per-click campaign.

Keyword Optimisation

A detailed action plan that enhances your pay-per-click campaign. We organise keywords by campaign and ad group, set negative keywords, search local volume and cost-per-click data, create a master keyword list and so much more.

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